What is The Bird Seed Cleaner ™

Do you want to clean your bird's eaten seeds from the seed cup?

Do you want to remove the eaten seed husks without throwing the uneaten seeds with the eaten seed shell and husks in the trash?

Do you want a cleaner bird cage, one with less bird seeds scattered all around by your birds?

Do you want healthier birds, birds that are not breathing in dust, eating and rooting through eaten seeds?

Do you want to save lots of money while at it?

Then this is what The Bird Seed Cleaner is designed to do. It easily and quickly separates the eaten seed husks from the uneaten seeds.

Please note that The Bird Seed Cleaner can only be used for small seeds such as parakeet and finch seeds. It cannot be used on larger seeds such as parrot seeds. We will be marking a larger unit in the future to support larger seeds but this unit will give unsatifactory performance on larger seeds.

By separating the eaten seeds from the uneaten seeds:

  • You reduce the amount of rooting that your bird does, keeping the bird cage area cleaner.
  • You help your bird stay healthier by not having them put their face in a tray full of eaten seed husk and shells, and breath in the small broken up seed shell and dust that accumulate in the tray.
  • You will save lots of money by not throwing away the uneaten seeds with the eaten seeds when you clean out the seed tray. From our experience, you may be able to use the same amount of bird seeds up to several times longer because you are not throwing good seeds away.

Why was The Bird Seed Cleaner ™ developed. My story.

My kids have four parakeets. One day, while one of the birds was eating, he just fell over. His chest heaved in and out and he died within a minute. As you can imagine, I was quite stressed and my kids were very sad (the birds were the first pet). What had killed their beautiful bird? I think that the parakeet must have choked on some seed husk or got it suck in his nostrils.

That was the day I decided to look for the solution to keep the seeds clean of eaten seeds and dust. I found no commercially available device so I had to devolop my own. Although the initial inspiration was for the bird's health, I found that out that there was all of the other benefits as well such as saving lots of money and having a cleaner and safer environment for the birds.

As a matter of fact, if I do not clean out the bird seeds everyday, the bird would sit in front of the bird seed cup, look at me and will not eat the bird seed until I cleaned it. Then they all fight for the cleaned bird seeds. They are now used to getting clean seeds everyday.

How does it Work?

There are two seed cups that come with the system, one on each side. One cup will hold the cleaned seeds while the other cup holds the seed husk, shells and dust.

To start the process plug in the unit, turn on the unit with the push button and then pour the uncleaned seed through the hole at the top.

Inside the The Bird Seed Cleaner is a fan that blows the seed husk and shells to the waste cup, while the heavier seeds falls down to the cleaned seed side. The vents on the top and on the other side of the fan directs the airflow.

It only takes a few seconds to clean a whole tray of seeds. If you want to, you can always run the seeds through more than once, but generally that is not necessary.

Picture below shows pre-cleaned seeds from four parakeets after one day of use.

Picture below shows cleaned seed cup and the waste cup after a single pass. There may be some larger seed husks left behind so if you want to clean it further you can always run the seeds through The Bird Seed Cleaner more than once to further remove some of the larger husks and shells that was not cleaned out the first time.

Also, the biscuits in some bird seeds may leave behind very small and fine particles that cannot be cleaned. The fine particles/dust usually resides at the bottom of the uncleaned seeds so when pouring the uncleaned seeds, you may not want to pour the small particles into the Bird Seed Cleaner. Just pour most of the uncleaned seeds through the Bird Seed Cleaner but when you get to the bottom, stop and just pour this dust particle directly into the trash. It may take a while before enough fine particles are left at the bottom of the bird seed cup.


The fan speed is adjusted by changing the power supply voltage. The higher the volage the higher the fan speed. The fan speed is used to adjust for seed size. In general, if the seed is bigger then the fan speed will need to be faster.

If the fan speed is too slow, there may be "more" seed husks on the cleaned seed side or that the larger seed husks remain on the cleaned seed side. If the speed is too fast, there may be some uneaten seeds on the waste side.

The power supply is supplied with a key to adjust the fan speed. Turn the red dial to the desired voltage. Usually the 9V or 12V setting will work with parakeet seeds.

Save Money

Use of The Bird Seed Cleaner will most likely pay for itself within one year. You may save enough to buy another Bird Seed Cleaners, not that you will need to. You will enjoy the savings year after year, not even considering the other benefits stated above.

Assuming right now that you are using one bag of bird seeds a month (typical for four to six parakeets) at a cost of $15/bag. With The Bird Seed Cleaner you most likely will only need to buy one bag of bird seed every three months. Based on the assumptions, the calulations shown below that you'll save $80 in the first year, even with the cost of the The Bird Seed Cleaner factored in. Even if you currently are using only one bird seed bag every two months, at the end of the year you would still come ahead by $10.

In the case when you decrease your seed waste to one half instead of one third by using The Bird Seed Cleaner, the saving the first year is still $40 (calculations not shown here) the first year. Your actual savings will vary depending on how many birds you own and how much seed you wasted before using The Bird Seed Cleaner.

Care and Use

Every once in a while shake out any seeds that may have fallen inside the unit or as fallen on the top of the unit.

It may be desirable to put The Bird Seed Cleaner in a small tray as shown in the picture below to capture any stray seeds that fall out during the cleaning process.

Now for the Disclaimer

Each unit is handmade so the color and finish may vary slightly from unit to unit.

Imperfections such as small bubbles, color streaks, plastic (such as edges) not being perfect may exist.

Nevertheless, functionally, each unit will work and last for years.

We give you a manufacturer's guarantee of three months. If for any reason our unit break due to manufacturing defect we will replace the unit at our cost.

Demonstration Video

How to Order

Please allow three to five days for processing.

Shipment to a Colorado address will be charged an additional 2.9% sales tax.

U.S. shipments only.

Kit contains, The Bird Seed Cleaner, two seed cups, and an A/C adapter with adjustment tool. The bottom tray in the video is not included.

By agreeing to buy product you accept that The Bird Seed Cleaner is made with loving care but because it is hand molded, imperfections may exist.

Please do not return or buy it because of small imperfections on the unit. After your first use you will not even notice any imperfections on the unit or may not care.

Not to be used for large seeds such as parrot seeds.

Return policy: You may return the unit in new resellable condition. Manufacturer defects will either be replaced or returned at the discretion of the company.

$60 + $9.50 Shipping and Handling in the continental US or $12.75 for Alaska and Hawaii.

Contact Information

Call: 720-445-4470

Mail: birdseedcleaner@outlook.com