Why I Made the Product

Are you wasting seeds everyday when you have to pour out the uneaten seeds with the husk and seed shells? Are your birds breathing in the dust and the seed husk that can choke or suffocate them? Are your birds making a mess by rooting through the seeds and in the process making a lot of waste and mess on the bird cage floor and out side the floor? Are you one of those who try to blow on the seeds to separate the seeds from the husk everyday and getting hyperventilated and dizzy

I gave my kids four parakeets and found that the birds made quite a mess with the seeds. If the seeds were not new or cleaned of the husks then they would root through the seeds and make a huge mess inside and outside the cage. When they root through the seeds, they throw both the eaten and uneaten sees out, wasting a lot of seeds.

If I threw out the eaten seeds with the uneaten seeds then there was a lost of wasted seeds in the trash. I went through bags of seeds very quickly because I probably threw out as much uneaten seeds as eaten seeds.

One day I noticed one of our birds eating but then he fell over, his chest heaving in and out. I did not know what happened but within a minute one of our bird was dead. As you can imagine, I was quite stressed. What had killed my children's bird. I think that he must have choked on some seed husk or got it suck in his nostrils.

That was the day, I decided to look for the solution to keep the seeds clean of eaten seeds and dust. I found no commercially available device. Being an enginneer, I decided to develop my own device. Hence the The Bird Seed Cleaner was born.

How Does it Work?

Have you tried to blow on the bird seed tray to get rid of the eaten seed? The Bird Seed Cleaner does that for you, quickly and efficiently.

There are two trays, one of the left and one on the right side. One tray will hold the clean seeds while the other tray holds the seed husk, shells and dust.

To start the process plug in the unit, turn on the unit with the push button and then pour the seed through the hole at the top.

Inside the The Bird Seed Cleaner is a fan that blows the seed husk and shells to the waste tray, while the heavier seeds falls down to the cleaned seed side. The vents on the top and on the other side of the fan directs the airflow.

It is so fast that it only takes 10 seconds to clean a whole tray of seeds. It is so efficient that most of the seeds will be separated/cleaned with a single pass. Though if you want to, you can always run the seeds through more than once, but generally that is not necessary.


The fan speed is adjusted by changing the power supply voltage. The higher the volage the higher the fan speed. The fan speed is used to adjust for seed size. In general, if the seed is bigger then the fan speed will need to be faster.

If the fan speed is too slow, there may be "more" seed husks on the cleaned seed side or that the larger seed husks remain on the cleaned seed side. If the speed is too fast, there may be some uneaten seeds on the waste side.

The power supply is supplied with a key to adjust the fan speed. Turn the red dial to the desired voltage. Usually the 9V or 12V setting will work with parakeet seeds.

Care and Use

Every once in a while shake out any seeds that may have fallen inside the unit or as fallen on the top of the unit.

It may be desirable to put The Bird Seed Cleaner in a small tray as shown in the picture below to capture any stray seeds that fall out during the cleaning process.


EEach unit is handmade so the color and finish may vary slightly from unit to unit.

Imperfections such as small bubbles, color streaks, plastic (such as edges) not being perfect may exist

Nevertheless, functionally each unit will work and last for years.

We give you a manufacturer's guarantee of three months. If for any reason our unit break due to manufacturing defect we will replace the unit at our cost.

Save Money

Besides the benefit to your birds, the benefit of having a cleaner bird cage and around the bird cage area, you will save money and lots of money over time. Imagine throwing away 1/2 or more unused, uneaten bird seeds every time you clean the seed bowl. Or the wasted seed that your birds root throw out of the food bowl to get to the good seeds.